The Stone Circle Museum, is the only museum dedicated to showcasing the ancient ruins and vanished civilizations of Southern Africa – Dravidian presence – Ancient gold mines – Precious tools and artefacts – Stones that ring like bells – Advanced tools and technology – And the presence of the Anunnaki in what was referred to as the ABZU in the Sumerian clay tablets.

The existing Stone Circle Museum was launched in 2008 by Michael Tellinger and displays thousands of unique and priceless tools and artefacts connected to the vanished civilization of southern Africa. More than 10 million mysterious stone circle ruins lie scattered across South Africa, Zimbabwe and surrounding countries – including Great Zimbabwe. These ruins are surrounded by 450 thousand square kilometers of agricultural terraces in what is now recognized as the largest concentration of stone ruins found anywhere on Earth.

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The stone ruins, terraces and artefacts are being destroyed at a rapid rate by forestry, farming, town and road construction. No effort for preservation is made by authorities. This is the only museum dedicated to the preservation of this knowledge, ongoing research, and preserving the precious artefacts while spreading awareness of this astonishing part of human history, that takes us closer to the origins of Humankind than ever before.


  • Stunning aerial photographs of ruins never seen before
  • Hundreds of unique and priceless tools & artefacts
  • Information about Adam’s Calendar
  • Fossils and petrified body parts of humanoids, dinosaurs, reptilians and even Giants
  • Cone-shaped tools – the main components of SASER technology
  • Dozens of doughnut shaped TORUS stone – Including the one that crashed the TSA Security system at Doha International Airport in 2013
  • Stones that ring like bells
  • Bird-shaped stones like the Zimbabwe Birds at Great Zimbabwe

It is worthy of being called the True Cradle of Humankind.


  1. Evidence that this ancient civilization was mining GOLD on a vast scale across all of southern Africa;
  2. They used SOUND as a tool and had knowledge of SASER technology,
  3. The stone circles were NOT dwellings for humans or animals but rather individual energy generating devices that together make up a giant ENERGY generating grid.
  4. Evidence of a Biblical flood.

Latest Discovery

Fossils of GIANTS, dinosaurs, humanoids and other extinct creatures that were present during the stone circle era as recently as 12,000 years ago – possibly even Anunnaki fossils. Fossilized heart, ribs, fingers, hooves, claws shoulder blade, teeth, leg bones, jaw bone 20 times larger than human, bone knuckles of giants over 100m tall;’ reptilian and dinosaur skin, and many more mind-blowing displays.

This discovery indicates that this entire area was caught up in a titanic flood that deposited several metres of mud and covered this entire area of southern Africa.


There is evidence that this was the creation of the Sumerian deities known as the ANUNNAKI. This is echoed in ZULU oral tradition and shamanic knowledge passed down over thousands of years. The ZULU story tells us that ADAM’s CALENDAR is where humanity was created by the gods (ANUNNAKI) to be slaves in the gold mines. Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa was initiated there in 1937 and the site was used for rituals and ceremonies until the 1950s. The area of Waterval Boven and Machadodorp in Mpumalanga province, South Africa, is the most densely populated stone circle area found to date.

Private museums like this, cannot survive on the income from ticket sales.
Museums like this can only survive from Patrons who are passionate about participating in preserving the precious exhibits and knowledge that comes with it.

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